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Your ATP Thresholds Could Contribute to Controlling COVID-19 in Schools

Help us send 10,000 families back to school safely.



TrustedSafe Finds Evidence That Increased Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) Thresholds May Play a Role in COVID-19 Spread in Schools.

So far, the TrustedSafe Research team's preliminary results, derived from analyzing from existing TrustedSafe members who participated, suggests that buildings with higher ATP thresholds, exceeding 3,500 RLU's (based on 10 samples) are 38% more likely to have suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 in their occupant-base than organizations with lower total RLU scores. With your help, we could uncover more.

Participate in the TrustedSafe COVID-19 ATP Study to help state officials and educators search for ways to protect families and children against the disease.

Our goal is to understand surface ATP variations, which may explain why some facilities demonstrate statistically insignificant viral load samples and others very high, to empower the scientific and medical communities to address this public health crisis. At this stage, we are focusing on determining base RLU thresholds for various environmental factors.

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You can participate in the study if:

  • You are over 18 years old and live in the United States.
  • You are willing to provide an ATP sample for Adenosine Triphosphate testing. Note, this sample will be used for analyzing different parts of your environmental hygiene habits. We are not testing for COVID-19 or providing COVID-19 testing through our ATP testing and monitoring kit.
  • You are willing to complete an online study survey OR speak to a personal testing monitor regarding test results in the coming months.
  • You are a parent to school-aged children
  • You are a guardian to a school-aged child(ren)

If you're an existing TrustedSafe customer:

You have already chosen to opt-in or out of this study. If you have taken the survey thank you!

If you aren't eligible, please help spread the word by:

  • Sending this page to someone you think might be eligible.
  • Sharing the page on social media

What you get

If you decide to participate, not only will you have the opportunity to advance Coronavirus research, you will also be able to help join our main educational research program, which provides our findings at no cost to local school districts and day care programs. You will also receive  access to personalized ATP reports from TrustedSafe about your building health. Learn more here.

How it works

Testing Kit

We will mail you an ATP collection kit with instructions. No appointments, no mask. Just a simple swab.


After we analyze your results we will either contact you directly or send you an online survey to fill out to better understand your environmental factors.

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We're in this fight together

In addition to TrustedSafe's research, there are many ways to contribute to other COVID-19
efforts across the United States. Here are just a few:

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